Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Testing 123...

Just checking to see if this works from my phone. Wouldn't that be rad??!!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing in the new year right.

I don't make resolutions, EVER. But I do make goals to work on. I make goals that I know are accomplish-able. I've thought long and hard about this years goals and here they are. This is my big reveal. I have really enjoyed 2010. It's been great and I've come away learning so much. Another chapter in my life closed and on to the next. I was reading a blog, and after some hard times in their life they deleted all their posts and and are starting over. So sad. It doesn't matter how good or bad life is, it's life. You can't just delete it. It just a chapter in your life and that's it. It happens and you move on, painful reminders or not you can't change the past. the future is yours to shape and not control. Two very different things. I guess I just don't understand it. It's like cutting people out of pictures. You see where they were and you see yourself, but you always have the memories. Good and bad all you can do is learn. Life is completely out of anyone's control. We all grasp so badly at trying to be the driver, but because of all the people we allow to be a part of our lives and our lack of being able to have a remote control for them all, we just get to surrender and embrace teh chaos that we call life.

This year I may not accomplish anything, and I'd be out of my mind to try and think I can control what's going on around me. So this year I'm making goals that I can constantly work on. I'm printing a few of these up and I'm putting them where they will be a reminder of the things I can work on within my own self. I'm sharing them on this blog because I love to share.

Goals of 2011 (a work in progress)

Be a better all-around person.

Be kinder, nicer, more caring, healthier, more organized. Care more about the important people around us. Be nicer to Aaron, Rowdy and Colt. Be close to Aaron, don't let any of that 7-year itch stuff creep into our home. Don’t always say “no” Be a fun Mom, enjoy their childhood it’s the only one they’ve got. Make healthy decisions, get outside more. Not so much soda, or fast food. Have the house in Order, get everything a place. De-junk, and simplify.

Be money Smart.

If I don’t need it or I’m not going to use it don’t buy it. Save, not spend. Be practical. The more money in the bank the more I get to play with….House, yard, deck, horses, atv.

Early to bed, early to rise.

Get sleep you need it, start your day early, and you’ll get to make the most of your hours. Hello Hygiene. Keep your smile pretty. Keep yourself smelling nice and your face washed. It feels good to feel fresh.

Be Productive.

Pick 1 project and work on it till it’s finished. Have your home ready for unannounced drop-by’s. Play with your kids, don’t waste time. It’s all you’ve got. Don’t start what you can’t finish. Limit computer time, and save tv time for after the kids are in bed.

Got Church?

Continue to say family prayer, have consistent scripture study, do a journal, 100% visiting teaching. Take my callings serious. Be a better teacher. Be a good example. Get better at temple attendance, and personal prayer.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

And all is right with the world.

The hubster pulled off a miracle and walked into my bedroom this morning at 4:30 a.m.


I love that man and he really does make everything right with the world, and now my Christmas stress is decreasing by the minute.

I can make my neighbor gifts and I don't have to haul my kiddos out to deliver them, I can just send him.

Time. Saved.

I can have wrapping marathons while we watch all his dvr'd shows.

He's doing bathtime while I sit on my duff for a moment and blog.

I'm not sure what it is, but LIFE. IS GOOD. when the hubster is home.

However I know it won't last, so I gotta enjoy it while he's here!

BONUS: He made it to the ward party AND the friend Christmas party.

Love it!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The mom and the dad.

This month which happens to be an especially stressful month for mom just so happens to be stressful for me.

I'm a mom.

The hubster is a dad.

And he is very good dad.

However he has to be away and that is out of everyones control.

And while he is away I have to be the mom and the dad.

On top of all the added sucky Christmas stress.

I have to haul the wood, and shovel and plow the snow, and do the heavy lifting and repairs that dads do. I have to decide when my kids need to buck up and make that call that dads usually do. I have to decide what will and won't be tolerated as far as what boys (little men) can get away with.

I also have to be the mom and do dinners, cleaning, hygiene, and feelings, and tender moments, and all that moms do. I have to pick up my kids when they are broken after falling or their feeling are hurt. I have to teach them their manners which is all day every day.

And I can do it because it has to be done.

But boy wouldn't I give anything for a super hero to come in and rescue me.

I live here, and that is where my life is. Somedays I feel like anyone who wants to be a part of my life they need to step up and come here, where my life is. Is that realistic? Not really because I'm the one who moved away from my family and some very good friends.

But sometimes I just want to pull a freakin' Kate Gosselin and whine and cry that I'm tired and I'm done.

Because it's hard enough to be the mom.....

not to mention being the dad as well.

That's all.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The ever-strong optimist.

Or at least trying.

I really do enjoy seeing the good in things and people. I love believing that everybody has a bit of good in them. I live in a place and my lifes circumstances are just so that I get to see a lot of people and I can only hope people see me as a good person.

You know those little act of kindness?

Some call them random acts of kindness. R.O.A.K.

Welp, I've go this neighbor, who has walked my dogs with her for the last few days and she is nothing but a God-send! Thank you Ann.

I've got this Uncle Phil who put a snow plow on his truck and came to dig me out of our most recent snow storm, I didn't call him, but I must have just been on his mind.
Thank you Phil.

I have this most incredible friend who helps me more than any other person on the planet, she takes my kids WHENEVER I need a break. Or for any reason. Thank you Devin.

I have this amazing hubster who is away and has been for a while, but he calls me to chat and sends me pictures and texts to show me he cares and is thinking about me. Thank you hubster.

I love the good, especially when life is life and its happening right before your very eyes.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

That's all.

I've been sitting herr for a while now.

I've typed three different posts, and deleted them all.

I feel like I have lots to say and I just don't have the ambition to say it.

That's all.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not that long ago.

Not to long ago, in not to far away place, there was a mommy who had 2 little boys, who went to bed and they woke up two little creatures.

They tore the house apart and they ran their mommy ragged.

They ate all day and fought when it was time to sleep.

They made messes in every room in the house.

The two little creatures gobbled up their mommy and spit her out.

And she was exhausted.

The End.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A long long long time ago.

A long long long long long time ago, there was a dragon, and a dragoness.

They were not just your ordinary dragon and dragoness, they were cool.

They would go to movies and they would go to Applebee's and eat at the bar every single Friday night. They had a waiter that new them by name. The dragon got to go hunting, and spitting fire whenever he wanted to. And he had a really nice dragon sled, that was really clean.

The dragoness would do her make-up and fit into small jeans and do her hair just about every day. She would go shopping and she was surrent on all things cool in the land. They went to concerts and cultural events and took off from their cave whenever they wanted. They even slept in whenever they wanted to.

Their cave was always clean and they always had clean dragon wings in their closet and they never had stains.

Then all of a sudden the dragoness had two little dragon-lings. One right after the other.

It was quite a surprise!

The dragon and the dragoness had to quit going to all those concerts and cultural events. And the waiter at Applebee's bar eventually forgot their names. Their cave was covered in the dragon-lings things. And the dragon's sled got stains in the leather interior, and he could no longer go hunting and spitting whenever he wanted to because he had to help take care of the two little dragon-lings. And the dragoness no longer got to shower on a regular basis and she couldn't fit into her smaller jeans and she was lucky to wear make-up once a week to church. She had stains on her once nice clothes, and she knew nursery rhymes instead of the latest songs on the radio. They got no sleep for a very long time, and then because they were the adults they could no longer sleep in. The dragon and dragoness couldn't leave their cave anytime they wanted to because they wanted their two little dragonlings to have a proper bedtime and dinnertime. They also wanted to spend their time with each other as a happy little dragon family.

And you know what?

They soon forgot about all that stuff that was so cool and those small jeans that had no stains. And they preferred to stay home with the two little dragon-lings. They had to schedule their time away from the cave and get a dragon watcher to come wrastle the two little dragon-lings. They didn't remember the nice lavish lifestyle they lived that seemed like so long ago. They enjoyed the two little dragon-lings one right after the other.

And they were happy.

Very. Happy.

Sad but true.

Once upon a time there was a girl who had another amazing girl to do her hair.

And she had amazing hair.

Then all of a sudden, the girl found out she had to move away to Wyoming.

And the girl who did her hair so great found out she had to move half way across the country.

The girl didn't look forward to going to the salon so much anymore.

And her hair was never the same.

The End.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Once upon a time.

I told this one to them when I woke up nearly five inches of snow.

Once upon a time the was a prince who married a princess and he decided he wanted to be the snow king.

He moved the queen who was the princess to the coldest state in the nation, where she would always hate the wintertime.

Then when he would come home from his far away journeys, and he would be the hero because he would build warm fires and shovel the snow and continue to be the snow king.

And the queen lived grumpily ever after.

The End.