Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The ever-strong optimist.

Or at least trying.

I really do enjoy seeing the good in things and people. I love believing that everybody has a bit of good in them. I live in a place and my lifes circumstances are just so that I get to see a lot of people and I can only hope people see me as a good person.

You know those little act of kindness?

Some call them random acts of kindness. R.O.A.K.

Welp, I've go this neighbor, who has walked my dogs with her for the last few days and she is nothing but a God-send! Thank you Ann.

I've got this Uncle Phil who put a snow plow on his truck and came to dig me out of our most recent snow storm, I didn't call him, but I must have just been on his mind.
Thank you Phil.

I have this most incredible friend who helps me more than any other person on the planet, she takes my kids WHENEVER I need a break. Or for any reason. Thank you Devin.

I have this amazing hubster who is away and has been for a while, but he calls me to chat and sends me pictures and texts to show me he cares and is thinking about me. Thank you hubster.

I love the good, especially when life is life and its happening right before your very eyes.


Anonymous said...

No, thank you.

TIM&SHAN said...

Your positive attitude is inspiring Stacy!! I know it must be so hard to do everything on your own most of the time. You are a super mom, wife, friend, and sister! I look up to you so very much;) Good things happen around us all the time but most of us are to caught up in ourselves to see them. Thanks for reminding me to see the good things!!!