Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A long long long time ago.

A long long long long long time ago, there was a dragon, and a dragoness.

They were not just your ordinary dragon and dragoness, they were cool.

They would go to movies and they would go to Applebee's and eat at the bar every single Friday night. They had a waiter that new them by name. The dragon got to go hunting, and spitting fire whenever he wanted to. And he had a really nice dragon sled, that was really clean.

The dragoness would do her make-up and fit into small jeans and do her hair just about every day. She would go shopping and she was surrent on all things cool in the land. They went to concerts and cultural events and took off from their cave whenever they wanted. They even slept in whenever they wanted to.

Their cave was always clean and they always had clean dragon wings in their closet and they never had stains.

Then all of a sudden the dragoness had two little dragon-lings. One right after the other.

It was quite a surprise!

The dragon and the dragoness had to quit going to all those concerts and cultural events. And the waiter at Applebee's bar eventually forgot their names. Their cave was covered in the dragon-lings things. And the dragon's sled got stains in the leather interior, and he could no longer go hunting and spitting whenever he wanted to because he had to help take care of the two little dragon-lings. And the dragoness no longer got to shower on a regular basis and she couldn't fit into her smaller jeans and she was lucky to wear make-up once a week to church. She had stains on her once nice clothes, and she knew nursery rhymes instead of the latest songs on the radio. They got no sleep for a very long time, and then because they were the adults they could no longer sleep in. The dragon and dragoness couldn't leave their cave anytime they wanted to because they wanted their two little dragonlings to have a proper bedtime and dinnertime. They also wanted to spend their time with each other as a happy little dragon family.

And you know what?

They soon forgot about all that stuff that was so cool and those small jeans that had no stains. And they preferred to stay home with the two little dragon-lings. They had to schedule their time away from the cave and get a dragon watcher to come wrastle the two little dragon-lings. They didn't remember the nice lavish lifestyle they lived that seemed like so long ago. They enjoyed the two little dragon-lings one right after the other.

And they were happy.

Very. Happy.

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