Friday, December 17, 2010

The mom and the dad.

This month which happens to be an especially stressful month for mom just so happens to be stressful for me.

I'm a mom.

The hubster is a dad.

And he is very good dad.

However he has to be away and that is out of everyones control.

And while he is away I have to be the mom and the dad.

On top of all the added sucky Christmas stress.

I have to haul the wood, and shovel and plow the snow, and do the heavy lifting and repairs that dads do. I have to decide when my kids need to buck up and make that call that dads usually do. I have to decide what will and won't be tolerated as far as what boys (little men) can get away with.

I also have to be the mom and do dinners, cleaning, hygiene, and feelings, and tender moments, and all that moms do. I have to pick up my kids when they are broken after falling or their feeling are hurt. I have to teach them their manners which is all day every day.

And I can do it because it has to be done.

But boy wouldn't I give anything for a super hero to come in and rescue me.

I live here, and that is where my life is. Somedays I feel like anyone who wants to be a part of my life they need to step up and come here, where my life is. Is that realistic? Not really because I'm the one who moved away from my family and some very good friends.

But sometimes I just want to pull a freakin' Kate Gosselin and whine and cry that I'm tired and I'm done.

Because it's hard enough to be the mom.....

not to mention being the dad as well.

That's all.

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Blackeyedsue said...

You have every right to stomp your feet and slam your door and go to your room.

Stacy, you are amazing. I wish I was your next-door neighbor. I love coming to visit you. I don't think it is too much to ask for people to come up and see you. You ALWAYS go out of your way to visit everyone else.

I hate it when I am the one who is the one always doing the calling or the visiting. It's that way in far too many relationships in my life. Sometimes I want to shake people and tell them that they need to take a turn. I shouldn't always be the one to call or visit. A relationship, a REAL relationship goes both ways.

It's a whole lot easier for those who don't have little ones at home to pack up and drive an hour and a half, or any distance for that matter, than it is for you to pack up your two little ones and all of their garb and work around nap times and meal times. Yet you do it all of the time to visit them. I am so sorry if I have become too lazy to be the big sister you need me to be. I will keep trying. You are awesome. You have a cool home. I love spending time there. I love that I can come up with all of my girls when we have a day off or that Sophie and I can come up anytime that isn't my week to drive.

You are awesome. I love being your sister. I love that you make an effort to have relationships and maintain them from a distance. You are a good example to me...and to all of our family and your friends. I love calling and chatting with you. I am sad on the days I don't get to talk to you. I adore your boys and we would love to have them overnight when Red gets home. We will even drive up there to get them.

People who don't make the effort...well, they are the ones that are missing out. Try to remember that. THEY are making a choice to sit at home and miss out on your little ones growing up. I am sad for them. I promise I will always be a cool aunt that drives up to visit your little men. They are the only little boys I have in my life after all.

I love you sis. The girls and I are going to try and come up again sometime next week. What are you doing on the 23rd? The hubster is telecommuting that day and may want us to get out of dodge.

I am sorry you are struggling. Is there anything else I can do to support you and help you?

Love you SO much!

How funny is word verification is herant. Her rant. Awesome.