Tuesday, October 12, 2010


She has earned my respect.

Rowdy loves playing "cowboy" which means he likes to rope, and nothing is spared when it comes to his roping. Tally is no exception. She has a rope around her neck all day long. And when she is tired of walking with Rowdy she just stops walking and she gets drug till she decides to be a sport.

She goes in and sleeps on his bed till he is asleep, then she'll come on our bed and be the hubster's foot warmer for the rest of the night.

Dewey likes to lay down on her belly and rub the soft fur on her chest. He'll fall asleep with her every once in a while and it just about brings me to tears.

The hubster is under her spell, she'll be in his lap and he'l have been rubbing her ears or back for an hour before he even notices she's there.

And as for me, I can't lie, I'm pretty sure I love her the most. She is my best girl. She comes in the bathroom when I shower for a little steam facial. She is my shadow all day long.

The other day Rowdy was talking to her, and he whispered " I love you so much" Tear.

Then he and I were talking, and he said she was his dog.

The weird part is I was I felt a bit defensive, like I wanted to tell him she's my dog. But I'm sure Dewey feels like she's his dog, and the hubster probably feels like she's his dog, because her loyalty really is to him. Even though he'll never admit it.

She's always been good with my kids even when they were babies, and she just gets better. She's so patient and I really do think she's more than a dog.

She. is. family.

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