Monday, October 11, 2010

I've been shot!

Maybe an exaggeration.

Yeah, but I did get hurt.

The hubster and I went shooting with a bunch of our friends, two of whom are city cops. So we went to the officer range, which was awesome, it is private and we had it all to ourselves.

One of our "cop-per" friends was shooting at metal target, and my girlfriends and I were standing about twelve feet from him just chatting.

He shot one of his guns and I got hit in the chest!

It stung and burned and hurt like no ones business! I was writhing in pain and holind my chest. I actually screamed out loud and I'm sure I did some sort of chicken dance infront of everybody. But I don't really care.

It. hurt. bad.

According to the hubster who is all into ballistics, he's decided I was either hit with shrapnel from the metal he was shooting or a bullet fragment.

I was most definately not hit with brass.

Now I have a big half-dollar size bruise on my right boob.

This is an entirely new experience for me.



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Clayton and Lauren said...

Oh my gosh! I'd say OUCH! Does not sound fun at all. Kinda sounds scary! I'm glad nothing worse happened. Hopefully the bruise and the pain goes away soon. Man... kinda funny but then again not so much ha ha ;)