Friday, October 8, 2010


Today I woke up to a nice blanket of snow covering everything.


Really let's just hold off on the now till after Halloween.

Yesterday I was tearing through the house looking like a mad woman.

I couldn't find Dewey.


Well, I looked outside searched all the usual places, went out to the garage.

No. Baby. Dewey. Anywhere.

I finally asked Rowdy if he'd seen Dewey,

"Uumm, he's sweeping"

Hahaha! I did just put him down for nap like a half hour ago.

I need a break? I think so.

And p.s. My hair is faiding from dark black to not so dark black. I'm really hoping by Sunday I won't look so much like one of those greek grandmothers with their jet black hair.

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Clayton and Lauren said...

That story is so cute. I wonder what Rowdy was thinking after he told you Dewey was in his bed ha ha so cute.