Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here I am... This is me.


Is anyone still out there?

Does anyone still blog anymore?

Is Facebook taking over the blogging world?

I'm feeling mighty opinionated today.

Rowdy fell off my friends deck today like a 7 foot fall.

He also used my phone to be his pretend pocket knife and butt-dialed said friend several times. She heard all the goings-ons of my house.


We just got done being sick.

It was the stomach bug from Hell!

I loved conference weekend.

Wyoming feels like home more and more.

1 comment:

TIM&SHAN said...

You havent blogged in sooo long!!!! Good to hear from ya;)
BUt so sad to hear Rowdy took that big of a fall. That is soooo scary.
Oh little boys;)