Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whirl wind.


This week is crazy busy.

Let me give you a run down.

Monday: Well child check up for Rowdy + pre-op physical + pre-registration at the hospital + drive time = exhausted.

Tuesday: Swimming lessons, grocery shopping, LAUNDRY, bathe Tip, she's getting fixed tomorrow, clean so I'm less stressed.

Wednesday: Tip to the Vet by 8 am, last minute prep for being preoccupied for the rest of the week. Rowdy can't have anything to eat or drinnk after 10 pm. Yikes!

Thursday: Rowdy to the hospital @ 6:15 am. Colt to an unspecified sitter before then. Chaos and recovery for the rest of the day. Make sure one of my E-Town friends collects Tip from the vet.

Friday: Rowdy back in O-Town for a post-op appointment at 9:55 am.

Saturday: Rest and regroup.

Wow. I'm exhausted just writing all of that down. I'm really hoping that I can get all of the little things done, there is so much more than just what's on this list. But I'm jsut hoping I stay sane. I also am hoping that I don't cry....call me, make me laugh. Life is good but not always perfect, and this week I feel like I am living by everyone elses schedule. Good thing there is always next week.

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flarffy2000 said...

Good luck!! I wish I could help you.