Wednesday, October 20, 2010


-I'm addicted to tv.

-Spending way to much time on facebook is usually a common occurence for me.

-I don't like perfect blogs that are only about perfect kids and perfect hubsters and perfect homes.

-I get into, like really into just about every book I read.

-A fresh coat of toenail polish does a lot for my psyche.

-I'm going on day 5 of my no-carbonation whatever. It's not a diet, it's just no carbonation.

-I've had an ipod for two years and I just learned how to use it. I spent $30 in one day on itunes. Oops.

-My dog Tally, sleeps on my bed. Every. Single. Night.

-Some things about motherhood are not natural for me. I have to try really hard to be very patient.

-I'm getting better but I'm pretty sure Rowdy will be on Dr. Phil when he's older, since he's my first baby and don't we make most our mistakes on the first baby....Right?

-I blow my nose in the shower. You should try it if you haven't

-I really need to finish SO MANY half finished projects, either that or stop thinking of new projects.

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The Rookie said...

I love blowing my nose in the shower. Alice thinks I use it as a netti pot, but I don't care. That steam makes the world of my sinuses a better place.