Thursday, October 21, 2010

Book Club.

Welcome to my online book club!

Well, more like my book review since I don't have aclub and I've already read these books. I'm just sharing my opinion.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Thie book is definatley and adult book. Not for anyone under the age of 17 or maybe not for anyone who is not yet in college.

The first 50-ish pages were history and background and slow, it took a while to get through. After that the charachter development was awesome and sped up, it never did slow down, all the way to the end.

This book says a lot of curse words and has some very mature adult situations throughout. Not for the easily offended.

I had to put more effort into the first of this book than any other novel I usually read. But by the time I was done reading the book my investment was worth my time.

The Girl Who Played With Fire.

This book was so unlike the first, I already knew the charachters and since they had been so well developed in the first book, this book took off running. The entire book was intense and had mature situations, but not as hard core graphic as the first novel. However the language was pretty consistent and very present.

It was such a goooooood story.

So much better than the first.

I never got bored with the story it was good because the plot was constantly getting thicker and the suspense was super driving.

Can't wait to read the third, I'm starting it tonight.

These book club post will be something I've decided I'll keep doing for a while.

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